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Mountain and cross-country ski equipment rental. Skis at Otepää and on ski-tours abroad. You'll pay for the days you really spend "on the snow" and special prices start from the second day both at Otepää and abroad. It is possible to order the skis to Tallinn or other towns.

  • Mountain ski equipment: 200 EEK a day

  • Cross-country ski equipment: 150 EEK a day

  • Skate rental: 30 EEK an hour

    Booking and information - call +372 505 5702. It is necessary to tell the foot-number, also the height and weight of the skier for mountain skis.

    Ski instruction at Otepää. Individual training 600 EEK (about 2 hours), training for groups - special prices according to the number of people in the group. It is possible to be quite good after one training already, but usually people have several - not necessarily the next day. The beginners are trained to stop first, then how to come downhill. Booking and information - call +372 505 5702.
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